Anne Graham on Early Access of Your Super: What You Need to Know

Friday May 11, 2018

Anne Graham is a Director/Owner of Story Wealth Management a leading financial planning practice specialising in pre- and post-retirement advice. She is one of the top financial planners in Australia, having built a career in financial services across 30 years. Anne works closely with clients to give them the confidence to write the next chapter in their story and her main area of interest is helping clients plan and manage their retirement. 

Anne Graham

She is a contributor on mainstream and social media in areas relevant to ageing and retirement, including accumulating and then managing portfolios during the drawdown phase. She is a Certified Financial Planner, a CPA, and has a Masters in Applied Finance.

Anne has received various awards including: WIFS Industry Advocate 2017; Barron's Top 50 Advisers in Australia; FPA Distinguished Service Award and National Adviser of the Year for Securitor Financial Group 2011 and 2015. On a personal level, she is proud to be a Trustee of the Future2 Foundation and one of Anne's major accomplishments was to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in 2016 raising over $28,000 for Future2.

Legalwise Seminars interviewed Anne about the challenges and opportunities in the superannuation sector today. Read her Q&A below and learn more from Anne at the seminar ATO Update and Wealth Management.

Can you tell us about yourself and your work?

I have had 30 years’ experience in financial services, including almost 20 years in financial planning, as an adviser and business owner. When clients are considering retirement and planning for the next phase in their lives, it’s enormously gratifying to guide them through the process and have them gain confidence and understanding of what to expect.

I have a strong interest in retirement planning and ageing, and am excited to see expectations of retirement evolve.

Your topic is about “Early Access of Your Super: What You Need to Know”. Why is it important for practitioners to attend your session?

Technical sessions on specific topics, such as this, are a great way to remind even the most experienced practitioners of basic principles which can add value to their clients. Less experienced practitioners will come away with some solid fundamentals that will provide a great foundation for the future.

What are the challenges that face financial advisors and other practitioners in the superannuation sector? 

“It’s difficult to tell a client that they can’t access their super, particularly when they are desperate for access and they have no other assets.”

One of the biggest challenges is not necessarily technical, but rather personal. It’s difficult to tell a client that they can’t access their super, particularly when they are desperate for access and they have no other assets. It is even more challenging when a “friend” has given them incorrect information and, the practitioner has to be the bearer of bad news. That’s why it is critical to understand this topic.

What are the key messages and benefits for practitioners who attend your session?

Where do I begin? Practitioners will have a solid understanding of the rules and, when people can and cannot access their super; that will give them the confidence to advise in this area. Case studies will help illustrate the points I make and hopefully prompt attendees to consider situations their own clients might have.

Finally, I hope there will be audience engagement and sharing of experience, knowledge and wisdom, because that’s how we tend to learn best.

Learn more from Anne at the seminar ATO Update and Wealth Management in the Royce Hotel, St Kilda Road, Melbourne on Thursday, June 21, 2018.


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