Ahead of the Pack: Smart Marketing, Building a Profile and Generating Business with Jessie Weatherley

Wednesday February 21, 2018

Jessie Weatherley is the Creative Director of Jork Consulting, a Melbourne based marketing strategy consultancy. Jork Consulting provides marketing strategy, training and support to professional services, working mainly with lawyers. They focus on building personal and brand profiles using a range of digital and traditional marketing methods, tailored to the individual needs of a firm. Jessie and her clients have appeared in National news and media publications by applying the PR techniques that she teaches her clients.Jessie Weatherly

Most legal practices are behind other industries when it comes to marketing and in particular digital marketing. This provides an enormous opportunity to be a pioneer in the industry and get ahead of your competition. Jessie is focused on helping law firms drive change into their industry and can help lawyers differentiate themselves in their market place and create a platform for them to expand and increase their profile and business opportunities.

Jessie is passionate about providing her clients with a solid platform to improve their marketing with a strong focus on cost effective and results driven outcomes. An experienced marketer Jessie has a Business Marketing degree from Monash University and is a member of the Australian Marketing Institute.

Prior to running Jork Consulting, Jessie held several senior management positions in prominent Australian businesses.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Jessie recently to discuss key challenges and opportunities facing the industry today.

You can find the full Q&A below.

How do you see technology and innovation shaping how lawyers market themselves and generate business?

The days of ‘push’ marketing are gone. Advertising in the old world of placing an ad in a paper, billboard, or publication is no longer effective. Firstly, people don’t trust advertising, they know that it is advertising and they don’t want to be ‘sold to’. Secondly, you had to pay large amounts of money to reach thousands of people, most of whom were not your ideal client. Technology means that we can narrow our market and get to the right people, at the right time, with the right message. It can be more tailored, more effective and a lot more cost efficient.

What’s one key principle lawyers should always keep in mind with respect to their marketing and business development efforts? 

People buy people. We buy from people that we know, like and trust. Lawyers need to break down the walls and really show their personality and values so that prospective clients can get a sense of who they are and determine whether they want to work with them.

Do you have a tip for improving a LinkedIn profile?

Be active! Too many people see LinkedIn as set and forget. They get a profile, load their contact details and credentials and then leave it. To make the most out of LinkedIn you need to be actively using it. You need to be connecting with people, sharing content and engaging with others.

Is there anything about social media that you think some lawyers tend to misunderstand, overlook or underestimate?

Thinking that it isn’t relevant to them. Social media is only going to grow. It will change over time and how we use it will change, but it isn’t going away. There is rapid growth in the number of people using social media more than a website to interact with a business. Thinking that things like Facebook aren’t relevant or appropriate for your business is a mistake. You need to work out how it can work for you.

What’s something you can recommend to lawyers about communicating through social media?

Understand who is your target market. You can’t be all things to all people. Choose your ideal target market and build your social media presence so that the content you are sharing is focused on those people. Also don’t take it too seriously, have some fun and show some personality.

Do you think leveraging PR is often an overlooked tool for lawyers trying to generate business?

PR is one of my favourite marketing tools. It is completely overlooked by most small businesses, and in particular lawyers. With the increase in content marketing there are a huge volume of publications and media outlets that are trying to pull together good quality content. This provides opportunities for people to raise their profile by being interviewed, quoted or writing this content. However, getting the PR or media attention is just the first step, you then need to leverage that to get the most exposure.

If a lawyer is unfamiliar with online marketing efforts, what’s a solid first step they might want to take?

There are still law firms out there without a website. This is absolutely reducing their ability to gain clients. At a bare minimum you need a good website that is updated regularly. Everything else that they do from there needs to be focused on driving people back to that website.

What’s one tip you can offer about how to turn leads or interest into an actual client?

Continuing to engage with people, usually through email. If you have people initiate contact through your office, social media or website, then you need to be capturing their email address. You can then create an ongoing relationship with them through communicating high value content that informs and engages them to help convert them into a client.

You can hear more from Jessie at the Ahead of the Pack: Smart Marketing, Building a Profile and Generating Business lunchtime web seminar, being held on Friday 09 March via live web link.


"Thank you, was helpful & informative and is an important and developing area of law."

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