"The Australian Nonprofit Sector - Legal and Accounting Almanac 2014"

Monday August 3, 2015

The below media release is from March 2015 has been provided by Derek Mortimer, DF Mortimer& Associates.

The Australian Non-Profit Sector, Legal and Accounting Almanac 2014
Edited by Professor Myles McGreg-Lowndes

ORGANISATIONS'' pages 231-233 by Derek Mortimer, Pricipal, DF Mortimer & Associates

This article describes reasons why disputes within not for profit organisations can seem emotionally intractable and difficult for lawyers to advise upon and settle.

The article outlines DF Mortimer & Associates approach to addressing such disputes using techniques developed from psychotherapy. These techniques are known as “narrative mediation” and “transformative mediation” and assume persons to be fundamentally social, motivated by desire for both personal autonomy and social interaction.

The techniques help to establish structured conversations amongst not for profit organisation members to de-escalate emotions and identify substantive issues. The aim of the techniques is to enhance the quality and outcome of procedurally fair dispute processes.

The article may interest lawyers acting for not for profit organisations and lawyers acting for not for profit organisation factions/ individual members. The article may also interest convenors of not for profit organisation dispute resolution meetings.

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"Great, fantastic to see such esteemed authorities on the subject area all gathered together and contributing/engaging with each other’s presentations."

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