Agnes McKay on understanding and meeting your duties in school sport

Tuesday November 14, 2017

Agnes McKay is the Principal of AGNESMCKAY LAW PRACTICE. Her key areas of practice are in business, workplace relations, and health and safety law. She has combined 30 years of legal experience in both New Zealand and Western Australia. Her clients have included School Boards, Principals, Senior and Head teachers, private training establishments and industry training organisations. Between 2013 and 2015, Agnes taught and became coordinator of the Masters Unit on Health and Safety Law at Murdoch Business/Law School. She also taught an Employment Law Unit for MBA and HR Masters Level students. Agnes currently mentors under the Murdoch Student Emerging Leaders (MSEL) 2017 Mentorship Program. Her latest law book is due to be published by Thomson Reuters New Zealand at the end of this month.

"The practical scenarios and how to deal with them was quite useful in applying to my practice"

Delegate - 3rd Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference, Sydney, March 2017






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