'Australian Trade Marks 101'

Tuesday October 7, 2014

In this article Brisbane lawyers Heilala Tabete (Associate) and Kathleen Watt (Lawyer) discuss the basic, need to know elements of Australian Trade Marks and the legislation that governs applying for, registering and using a trade mark in Australia. The article covers a number of common and frequently asked questions; - What is a trade mark? And why do you need to register one? - What can be trade marked? - What are the benefits of a registered trade mark? - What if I have a registered trade mark and someone else is using a similar mark?
'Amendments to the PPSA in the definition of Motor Vehicles'

Tuesday October 7, 2014

On the 1st of July 2014 the Personal Property and Securities Act 2009 was amended to alter the definition of motor vehicles under the Act. The effect of this amendment was that it reduced the number of security interests that need to be registered by small and medium sized hire businesses. Personal property such as cars, trucks, utes, vans, motorbikes (and the like) will naturally still be defined as motor vehicles. Examples of property that may no longer be defined as motor vehicles include dozers, pipelayers, motorized shovels, elevating work platforms and some asphalt pavers.
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'Acting responsibly, promptly and diligently during evidentiary periods'

Tuesday October 7, 2014

What standard should be met to obtain an extension of time to file evidence in patent opposition proceedings? Since the introduction of the Intellectual Property Legislation Amendment (Raising the Bar) Regulation 2013 (No.1), what constitutes ‘reasonable, prompt and diligent’ action has required clarification. The recent decision of Mineral Technologies Pty Ltd v Orekinetics Investments Pty Ltd [2014] APO 63 (the Orekinetics decision) provides insight into what constitutes an adequate explanation for obtaining an extension to file evidence in answer.
'The mature aged workforce - work health and safety questions for the future'

Thursday September 25, 2014

In light of the ageing workforce, employers may find they have to reassess their recruitment practices, consider what reasonable adjustments could be made to accommodate individual workers, take steps to avoid discrimination claims and offer programs to employees to promote a healthy and safe workplace
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