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  Code Online CPD
Administrative and Government Law    
Statutory Interpretation: A Practical Approach WEB1811Q06 Arrow
Administrative Law: Decisions, Decision, Decisions... WEB1811V06 Arrow
Contracts Risk and Disputes WEB1811W07 Arrow
Contract Risk and Disputes WEB1811V09 Arrow
Managing Contracts to Avoid Disputes WEB1811N17  Arrow
Complex Conveyancing WEB1811Q05 Arrow
Complex Conveyancing WEB1811V05 Arrow
Copyright Practical Applications and Commercialisation WEB1811V04 Arrow
Corporate Governance Summit WEB1811N08 Arrow
Session 1: What's New in Corporate Governance? WEB1811N08A Arrow
Session 2: Corporate Governance Practice and Procedure WEB1811N08B Arrow
Credit Law    
3rd Annual Credit Law Conference WEB1811N13 Arrow
Session 1: Regulatory Developments WEB1811N13A Arrow
Session 2: Timely Issues and the Road Ahead WEB1811N13B Arrow
Criminal Law    
Criminal Law Colloquium WEB1811V03 Arrow
Session 1: Topical Issues in Criminal Law WEB1811V03A Arrow
Session 2: Practical Insights in Criminal Practice and Procedure WEB1811V03B Arrow
Family Law    
CPD Required Units for Family Lawyers WEB1811S04 Arrow
Family Law Conference WEB1811N12 Arrow
Session 1: Modern Families, Children and Recent Trends WEB1811N12A Arrow
Session 2: Property, Protection and Assets WEB1811N12B Arrow
In-House Counsel    
CPD Compulsory Units for In-House Counsel WEB1811N15 Arrow 
Personal Injuries
Running A Civil Claim for Institutional Abuse WEB1811Q01 Arrow
Motor Vehicle Injuries Intensive WEB1811Q02 Arrow
Income Protection, Death and Total Permanent Disability (TPD) WEB1811W05 Arrow
Motor Vehicle Injuries Intensive WEB1811W06 Arrow
Motor Vehicle Injuries: Where are We Now? WEB1811N14 Arrow
Property and Retail and Commercial Leasing    
Retail and Commercial Leasing Guide WEB1811Q04 Arrow
Retail and Commercial Leasing Conference WEB1811V02 Arrow
Session 1: Critical Leasing Issues WEB1811V02A Arrow
Session 2: Leasing Trends, Disputes and Ethics WEB1811V02B Arrow
Retail and Commercial Leasing Conference WEB1811N06 Arrow
Session 1: Critical Leasing Updates, Drafting and Negotiation WEB1811N06A Arrow
Session 2: Leasing Conflicts and Disputes WEB1811N06B Arrow
Property Transaction for Support Staff, Conveyancers and Junior Lawyers WEB1811N10 Arrow
Granny Flats: The Unseen Risks WEB1811N18 Arrow
Religious Law    
Religious Law Conference WEB1811N09 Arrow
Session 1: Law and Religion WEB1811N09A Arrow
Session 2: Religious Litigation WEB1811N09B Arrow
School Law    
School Law Conference 2018 WEB1811V10 Arrow
Session 1: Workplace and Governance WEB1811V10A Arrow
Session 2: Navigating Modern Issues in the School Context WEB1811V10B Arrow
Wills and Estate    
Wills and Estates Symposium: Planning, Administration & Litigation WEB1811Q03 Arrow
Session 1: Estate Planning and Administration Hot Topics WEB1811Q03A Arrow
Session 2: Wills and Estates Litigation WEB1811Q03B Arrow
Wills and Estates Symposium WEB1811N16 Arrow
Session 1: Estate Planning and Administration Hot Topics WEB1811N16A Arrow
Session 2: Estate Litigation WEB1811N16B Arrow
Wine Law    
6th Annual Wine Law Conference WEB1811S01 Arrow
Session 1: Wine Industry Regulatory Landscape WEB1811S01A Arrow
Session 2: Selling in the Current Market: Legal Issues in Export WEB1811S01B Arrow
Women in Public Law    
Women in Public Law: Leadership, Influence, Advancement WEB1811C01 Arrow
Workers Compensation    
4th Annual Workers Compensation Conference WEB1811V01 Arrow
Session 1: Latest Developments and Issues in Workers Compensation WEB1811V01A Arrow
Session 2: CPD Compulsory Units for Workers Compensation Lawyers WEB1811V01B Arrow
4th Annual Workers Compensation Conference WEB1811N07 Arrow
Session 1: Workers Compensation Legislative Updates and Developments WEB1811N07A Arrow
Session 2: CPD Compulsory Units for Workers Compensation Practitioners WEB1811N07B Arrow
Workplace Law    
Workplace Law Conference WEB1811N11 Arrow
Session 1: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly in Workplace Law WEB1811N11A Arrow
Session 2: Employee Management in the Modern World WEB1811N11B Arrow

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